5 Books You Can Use Now To Improve Your Presentations

Five Books to Improve Presentations

You've made your resolutions. You want to deliver presentations with more impact this year. How will you do it?

I want you to share your ideas effectively this year.  To do this you may need new skills and these books are just what the doctor ordered 😉

As scientists, we often forget that how we deliver our message is as important as what we say. These authors have easy-to-implement yet effective instructions.

Here are 5 terrific books to help you deliver effective presentations that are memorable for all the right reasons:

1. Start with Why by Simon Simek
The title says it all. You have to give context and show why your topic is relevant to make people care about your presentation. If they don't care, they won't listen.

2. Resonate by Nancy Duarte
Ms. Duarte deconstructs some of the most famous speeches of all time. Her analysis shows a consistent backbone, one you can adapt to your topic. Learn to pace your talk, to vary your intensity and finish strong.

3. Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds
Simple design ideas to improve your presentation and slides.  It’s impressive how little tweaks can be so impactful. A must read.

4. Slidology by Nancy Duarte
Ready to improve your slides? Ms. Duarte teaches you simple, effective techniques for sharing data and concepts.

5. Houston we have a Narrative: Why Science Needs a Story by Randy Olson
Mr. Olson offers a simple strategy that can structure a vignette, a social media post, and even a whole talk. The more stories you tell, the more your ideas will be remembered.

If your strategy is to teach your audience in a way they can understand, to share your knowledge,  don’t miss these books.

All 5 are easy to read and have detailed ‘how to’ suggestions.

They’ve helped me improve my skills and think differently about how to prepare, I'm sure they'll help you too.

Which books do you recommend for presentation skills? Leave a comment below.