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5 Books You Can Use Now To Improve Your Presentations

By Sarah Kohl, MD | Jan 15, 2019

You’ve made your resolutions. You want to deliver presentations with more impact this year. How will you do it? I want you to share your ideas effectively this year.  To do this you may need new skills and these books are just what the doctor ordered As scientists, we often forget that how we deliver our message is…

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How to Use Twitter at Scientific Conferences

How to Use Twitter at Scientific Conferences: A Beginner’s Guide

By Sarah Kohl, MD | Apr 28, 2018

We’ve all been there, new at something feeling as if we are all thumbs and can’t get something electronic to work. Why can’t technology be easy? Relax, Twitter is not really complicated, and it’s a lot of fun. Maybe you signed up for twitter because your friends recommend it, maybe you signed up a long…

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This is What Happens When Mel Develops an App

By Sarah Kohl, MD | Jun 9, 2017

What can Mel teach us about developing a medical app? It’s Thanksgiving Day and I find myself lost in a supermarket searching the isles for eye drops. The desert is drying out my eyes and making them itch so I hitched a ride to Albertsons with my sister-in-law who is picking up some last minute groceries…

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Do Mobile Phone Apps Give Helpful Travel Health Advice?

By Sarah Kohl, MD | May 22, 2017

  A Review of TravWell vs. Sitata vs. MyTravelHealth Mobile Phone Apps The excitement is builds. You’ve just booked a trip abroad and are busy planning all the fabulous activities. Now begins the exhaustive search for extraordinary sights, the best adventures, and the yummiest foods. But, are you forgetting something? Did you ever consider you…

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